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The Royal Bull Mint

The Royal Bull Mint, is a privately held mint located in Tillsonburg Ontario.

It was founded by investors acting to realize the potential of the precious metals market over the coming decades, and the limited supply of private minting facilities and services in Canada. The Royal Bull Mint currently produces 10,000 – 20,000oz of silver and copper bars each month to meet market demand for its products. 

The Mint is developing and fostering a variety of long term business relationships with wholesalers, retailers, and independent investors. These include: Custom Bar Design, White Label Production, Precious Metals Custodial Services, and the Silver Investment Pool Program. Royal Bull Mint bars are fast becoming popular with Silver Stackers who purchase the bars via our retail trading partners.

Products & Services


  • Silver Bullion
  • Copper Bars
  • Unique Offerings
  • White Labelling 

Services & Investing

  • Custodial Agreements
  • Silver Investor Pool

A day at the mint